Get ready for the Job – Working with Global Players


All of you have done very well and successfully passed the exams!
I wish you all the best for your internships, make friends, make countless new experiences, face new challenges and have fun.

“People’s thoughts, ideas, philosophies, perspectives, actions, and value
systems collectively dictate their social norms and constitute their culture.
Different cultures breed different socio-politico-economic systems and
paradigms. Therefore, understanding different cultures is critical in
understanding different systems.”
-S. J. Chang, Professor of Finance, Illinois State University-

“We are all academics” – “We all do speak English” “We will get along”
If you ever have assumed that things are just about the same in all international companies when in fact they are not, or if you choose to ignore the differences, you may have to face some serious undesirable consequences ranging from individual embarrassment to jeopardizing your international career.

Our seminar prepares you to succeed in the Global Market and grants you a better understanding of:
• Corporate Cultures – hierarchies and business structures worldwide
• Communicating, discussing and and negotiating across cultures
• The Global Manager – models of leadership – responsibilities and expectations
• Building and working in strong intercultural teams
• Reviewing performances
• Successful product marketing around the globe
• Case studies: famous international business blunders – could you have avoided them?

The Class will be held in two modules on Fridays and Saturdays 18.-19. and 25.-26. November
Please register with the career services at Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik und Wirtschaft.

Accessing the German Labour Market
Wintersemester 2016