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“We are all academics” – “We all do speak English” – “We will get along”

If you ever have assumed that things are just about the same in all international companies when in fact they are not, or if you choose to ignore the differences, you may have to face some serious undesirable consequences ranging from individual embarrassment to jeopardizing your international career.

Our seminar prepares you to succeed in the Global Market and grants you a better understanding of:

  • Corporate Cultures – hierarchies and business structures worldwide
  • Communicating, discussing and and negotiating across cultures
  • The Global Manager – models of leadership – responsibilities and expectations
  • Building and working in strong intercultural teams
  • Reviewing performances

We will find out that language may very well not be the key to a smooth international cooperation, and we will see why the same presentation maybe an absolute success at home and yet utterly fail abroad.

The class will begin on May 10th and -to my pleasure- is fully booked. However, there is a waiting list, so if you’re interested, please register with Cordelia Makartsev at the career service’s office.

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