Necessity is the mother of invention…

      …so we got inventive.

      Since I have no lecture room at our home, I turned to improvising and to craftswork 😉
      My ironing board topped with a pile of comic books was made into a high desk, I taped the packaging paper I normaly use to copy sewing patterns onto, to the kitchen door and so upgraded it to a provisional Flip Chart.

      Then we got started with the Labor Market class for Hochschule Karlsruhe.

      I quickly came to realize that sitting in front of a computer staring at the screen for six hours in a row, at the same time being „superglued“ to a chair so that I don’t disappear from the camera, is much more exhausting than teaching a regular class.

      So, already I am very proud of you who will stay with me for the whole course, which will, after all, last for a total of 30 hours.